How you can be involved

  1. Pray for more laborers so that we can expand and reach more migrant camps
  2. Pray for the children to grow in their walk with God
  3. Pray for us to have opportunities to witness to the parents. We need wisdom in how to arrange visits in between their hectic schedule
  4. Pray for us to have wisdom in discipling the children
  5. Pray for the salvation of the farmers
  6. Donate classroom supplies (paper, markers, stickers)
  7. Volunteer to help with Day Camp as a bus driver, cook, activity director, bus aide, maintenance man, teacher, teacher assistant (counselor)
  8. Adopt a child for prayer
  9. Adopt a farm for prayer
  10. Volunteer to help during the despedida (1st Saturday of October)
  11. Attend a 5 day club as a helper

Volunteer information

Thank you for considering volunteering with M.M.M!

In order to start the process, you will need to complete the steps below. Please note that every worker—whether or not it is their first time serving with us—must complete the following:

  1. Volunteer application
  2. Mail completed forms by July 8th to:

    Sophia Berger
    4925 Territorial Rd.,
    Benton Harbor, MI 49022

    First time workers

    Keep in mind that no first-time worker who will be staying on the premises may arrive halfway through the week.

    Complete these things:

    Returning workers

    Complete this form:

  3. Background check
  4. Complete this form:

  5. Statement of faith
  6. Read and agree with our statement of faith.

  7. Dress code for workers
  8. Be willing to abide by our dress code for working with Michigan Migrant Ministries:

    1. All workers during Day Camp hours will be required to wear the Camp T-shirt
    2. Ladies, please wear culottes or loose fitting skirts. (Straight skirts are not recommended for working and playing with children!) Skirts must cover the knees when sitting. Leggings or a slip may be necessary. However, even if you wear leggings, the skirt must come to the bottom of the knee cap when sitting. If your skirt has a slit in it, the slit may not show any higher than the knee. Culottes are sometimes difficult to find. If you need help finding some, visit
    3. Loose pants or shorts may be worn after Day Camp hours, but the shorts must cover the knee cap when sitting
    4. Other shirts may be worn after Camp hours but cannot show any cleavage. No tank tops, spaghetti strap, sleeveless or tight fitting. If in doubt, leave it at home!
    5. Men, if you wear shorts they must cover your knees when sitting. No tank tops or sleeveless
    6. Men and ladies: if you choose to do any visiting in the migrant farms, the men must wear pants and the ladies must wear skirts which cover the knees when sitting
    7. No rock music or Christian Contemporary music may be played while on the premises during the weeks of Camp

    Thank you for upholding these standards while working with the children and families during Camp!